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Housing and Urban Citizenship - The role of urban alliances

  • VSCC Lecture Theatre, Room 208 B22 Veterinary Science Conference Centre Regimental Drive, Camperdown, NSW Sydney, NSW, 2006 Australia (map)

Henry Halloran Trust Research Incubator Project on urban alliance-building Organising the 21st Century City

The displacement of poor and low-income people from secure and affordable housing is one of the defining issues of contemporary urbanization. How are citizens organising themselves and what kind of actions are they taking in response to processes such as eviction, gentrification, privatization and touristification?

Speakers: Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Dr Amanda Tattersall from The University of Sydney’s School of Geosciences. will report on organised citizen action for housing in locations as diverse as Barcelona, Cape Town, Moscow, New York and Sydney.

Refreshments served at 6pm. Event commences at 6:30pm.

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Kurt Iveson


Kurt Iveson is the Associate Professor of Urban Geography in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney. Kurt is especially interested in the relationship between cities and citizenship. His research has addressed questions such as: what is the on-going significance of the urban for the formation and representation of publics and counterpublics? how can citizens organise themselves to make their cities more just and more democratic? He is author of the book Publics and the City, co-author of Planning and Diversity in the City: Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter, and co-author of a forthcoming book on the politics of encounter in urban multicultures. Fortnightly, Kurt joins the FBI community radio program ‘Down to Earth’ with Alex Pye to discuss key urban environmental issues and blogs at

Dr Amanda Tattersall

Amanda Tattersall is a scholar and a change maker. She is the founder of some of Australia’s most interesting social change organisations, including the Sydney Alliance and Her primary research area is on the question of how can citizens be effective agents of social change in the pursuit of social justice and the common good. Her book, Power in Coalition, was the first international analytical study of alliance building as a strategy for social change. As an urban geographer, she focuses on questions of how the city can be a subject for democratic politics.