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Sydney Walking Tour: Green Square: planning decisions in action

  • *Meeting place made available with registration (map)

Sydney Walking Tour: Green Square: planning decisions in action

Green Square is the first new town centre to be developed in the City of Sydney local government area for over one hundred years. The urban renewal area stretches 300 hectares which will be transformed into 30,000 new residential dwellings and community, retail and recreational facilities for a permanent population of 61,000 people by 2030. Led by Dr Adrienne Keane, Associate Dean Education, the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, the walk will consider the planning strategy and development control in action at the Green Square precinct. Dr Keane will discuss the key strategic and development decisions that are transforming the site. Of particular interest is the sustainability framework, infrastructure challenges, community housing and rezoning outcomes. 


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*Meeting place made available with registration.

Capacity: 20 


Dr Adrienne Keane

Adrienne Keane is a lecturer, researcher and urban planner. Her primary research interest is in the area of statutory land use planning particularly the consequences of policies in nature conservation. Adrienne is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning having completed a Master in Urban and Regional Planning and a PhD. Current research falls under the umbrella of protecting natural values in cities.