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Sydney Walking Tour: Underground and Over the Top: Infrastructure as Art, Landscape and Urban Heritage

  • *Meeting place made available with registration (map)

Sydney is in the midst of an infrastructure building boom. Such projects are highly contested because they remake the city at a landscape scale. Individual buildings come and go, but major transport projects restructure patterns of movement, dwelling and work. As such they are both drivers of the urbanisation process as well as creators of persistent and familiar places in our everyday lives. Led by Cameron Logan and including an artist's talk by Chris Fox, creator of Interloop. This tour will raise questions about the intersections of creativity, design and conservation in the making and remaking of the city, its historical infrastructures and valued landscapes.


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*Meeting place made available with registration. 


Dr Cameron Logan

Cameron is an urban and architectural historian and director of the postgraduate program in Heritage Conservation in the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. His work is concerned with civic culture, public architecture and the political, architectural and urban implications of heritage conservation practice.


Chris Fox

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Art Processes and Architecture at the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. Alongside his teaching, Fox’s practice led research of large scale architectural interventions manipulate the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture. Extensive experience in utilising numerous materials means that Fox has a wealth of construction, material and artistic knowledge to extend the territory of architecture, installation and sculpture.