The Festival of Urbanism iv - speakers influential book list

Change your view of the city


Elizabeth Farrelly

 Plato, 1955. Plato, The Republic. Penguin Books.

Professor Peter Phibbs

Sandercock, L., 1975. Cities for sale: property, politics and urban planning in Australia.

Dr Jennifer Kent

Thrift, N., 1996. Spatial formations (Vol. 42). Sage.

Dr Tess Lea

Pholeros, P., Torzillo, P. and Rainow, S., 1993. Housing for health: towards a healthy living environment for Aboriginal Australia. Healthabitat.

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson

James Holston, 1999. Cities and citizenship. Duke University Press.

Tanya Koeneman

Gammage, B., 2013. The biggest estate on earth.

Pascoe, B., 2014. Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture Or Accident?. Magabala Books.

 Dr Somwrita Sarkar

Batty, M., 2013. The new science of cities. Mit Press.

Dr Tooran Alizadeh

Jacobs, J., 1961. The death and life of American cities. Random House.

Mike Harris

del Cerro Santamaría, G. ed., 2013. Urban megaprojects: a worldwide view. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Suzette Mead

Colman, J., 2016. The House That Jack Built: Jack Mundey, Green Bans hero. NewSouth.

Diego Bonetto 

Clément, G., 2015. Third Landscape. LOTUS INTERNATIONAL, 157, pp.42-42.

Associate Professor Lee Stickells

Davies, M., 1990. City of quartz. Excavating the future in Los Angeles.

Amelia Thorpe

Sandercock, L. and Lyssiotis, P. eds., 2003. Cosmopolis II: Mongrel cities of the 21st century. A&C Black.

Timothy Moore

Multiplicity (Firm), 2003. USE: Uncertain States of Europe: a Trip Through a Changing Europe. Skira-Berenice.

Professor Nicole Gurran

Fainstein, S.S., 2010. The just city. Cornell University Press.

Gavin Tonnet

Moody, J.B. and Nogrady, B., 2010. The Sixth Wave: How to succeed in a resource-limited world Penguin Random House Australia.

Ned Cutcher 

Birmingham, J., 2000. Leviathan: The unauthorised biography of Sydney. Random House Australia.