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Film Screening: Waterloo (1981) directed by Tom Zubrycki 

  • Event Cinema 505 - 525 George Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

The film skilfully documents the tensions of state government perspectives on urban renewal and the ‘local communities’ battle for their place in the city and the buildings they live in. Resurfaced is a plan for the transformative urban renewal of Waterloo. The state government has invited masterplanners to submit designs, while public housing tenants (WPHAG) are working alongside local architects and planners on an ‘Alternative Masterplan’ to present back to government. Join us for a post-film discussion moderated by Dr Dallas Rogers University of Sydney with director Tom Zubrycki, Karyn Brown, Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG) and Genevieve Murray, Future Method Studio. A preview trailer of #WeLiveHere2017, a documentary about the seismic changes facing the current Waterloo community and Habitat or Home, a 5 minute film by Stacey Miers that takes viewers on a visual journey exploring the concept of home as a commodity.


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Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki is an award-winning documentary filmmaker renowned for his distinctive observational story-telling style and his ability to get close to his subjects. During the course of a long career, Tom has evolved a strongly authored style focusing round a personal response to the big issues of the day. His latest film is Hope Road. In the film Zacharia sets out with high hope to build a school back in his village in war torn South Sudan with dedicated Aussie supporters, but his ambitious plans are challenged when life intervenes. Hope Road, is having its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on June 14, and has been nominated for the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) award for Best Australian documentary. Apart from directing Tom teaches master-classes at the Australian Film, TV & Radio School, and in the past he has taught documentary at UTS and Metro Screen. In 2010 Tom received the Stanley Hawes Award “in recognition of outstanding contribution to documentary filmmaking in Australia”.


Dr Dallas Rogers

Dallas’ research and teaching focuses on the relationships between poverty, wealth, urban planning and governance in global cities. He leads the multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary Global Real Estate Project (GREP), which undertakes relational examinations of housing poverty and wealth in global cities. GREP studies focus on the intersections of housing, migration, education, intercultural relations, digital technologies and geopolitical issues. Dallas has undertaken a critical analysis of Australian urbanism through fine-grained empirical research with low-income urban citizenries as well as super-rich transnational property investors, developers and their agents. Winner of prestigious Australian Federal Minister’s Award for housing research. His recent books include a monograph on ‘The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property Capital and Rights’ and an edited book on ‘Housing in 21st-Century Australia: People, Practices and Policies’.


Genevieve Murray // Future Method Studio

Future Method is a research and design studio that actively questions and pushes the line between the practical and the abstract. Future Method works collaboratively with creatives and academics who form their praxis in-between established notions of contemporary architecture & art — seeking to extend and enrich the field of interdisciplinarity and collective culture and push them into the public domain.