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The Henry Halloran Trust (HHT) Incubator Night

  • Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH), Lecture Theatre 4002 (Messel) (map)

Fixing housing in Indigenous communities

The supply and ongoing maintenance of affordable housing and infrastructure remains one of the most vexed issues confronting Indigenous public policy. To be functional, housing needs major repair or replacement. Associate Professor Tess Lea, the University of Sydney, will present on the HHT Housing for Health Incubator partnership with Healthabitat.


Organising the 21st Century City: global trends in urban alliances as citizen engagement

Frustrated with existing city engagement processes, people in many cities are choosing to build alliances across civil society to influence urban politics. What can we learn from the diverse range of alliances internationally? Associate Professor Kurt Iveson, the University of Sydney, will present findings from the early stages of a three year project investigating alternative models for citizen participation in urban governance. 



Dr Tess Lea


Tess is a 'policy anthropologist', ethnographic researcher, born and bred Darwinite and Chair of Department in Gender and Cultural studies, at the University of Sydney. Her fundamental interest is with issues of (dys)function: how it occurs and to what, whom and how it is ascribed. She has worked as a senior bureaucrat in the Northern Territory Departments of Health and Education, and operated as a ministerial advisor.  Her work reflects on the respective points of view of Canberra policy formulators, Indigenous organisations, and Indigenous families and asks why the path to realising seemingly shared ambitions (to be healthy, to be housed, to have an income) is so densely obstacled. She is the author of 'Darwin' and 'Bureaucrats & Bleeding Hearts: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia’.


Associate Professor Kurt Iveson


Kurt Iveson is the Associate Professor of Urban Geography in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney. Kurt is especially interested in the relationship between cities and citizenship. His research has addressed questions such as: what is the on-going significance of the urban for the formation and representation of publics and counterpublics? how can citizens organise themselves to make their cities more just and more democratic? He is author of the book Publics and the City, co-author of Planning and Diversity in the City: Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter, and co-author of a forthcoming book on the politics of encounter in urban multicultures. Fortnightly, Kurt joins the FBI community radio program ‘Down to Earth’ with Alex Pye to discuss key urban environmental issues and blogs at