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NSW PIA Presidents Award Lecture - Putting the public interest back into planning

  • Lecture Theatre 315, Level 3 University of Sydney- Eastern Avenue Auditorium (map)

Are planners doing enough to address the big social and economic issues facing our cities? Have they lost sight of the public interest? In an event copresented by NSW PIA, Patrick Fensham will address the critical questions facing planning in Sydney, including many highlighted by Elizabeth Farrelly in her SMH article: 'Where are all the city planners'.







Patrick Fensham SGS Economics and Planning


Patrick is a highly experienced urban planner and the National Leader for Urban Governance and Policy at SGS. He holds specialist expertise in many areas including metropolitan and strategic planning, infrastructure planning and funding analysis, cultural development, regional economic development, development feasibility analysis and facilities audits and planning. A lead consultant on Sustainable Sydney 2030 for the City of Sydney, Patrick is the 2015 winner of the prestigious NSW Planning Institute of Australia President’s Award for Planning Excellence.