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Myth: Mosquitoes as democratic urban planners: the case of Darwin (12-1pm)

  • PNR Lecture Theatre Maze Cres, Darlington NSW 2008 (map)

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Associate Professor Tess Lea, the University of Sydney

How did the humble mosquito shape and determine the city of Darwin? Mosquitoes are indifferent architects, and in their indifference, show just what powerful forces of urbanism they are.

Associate Professor Tess Lea is a 'policy anthropologist', ethnographic researcher and born and bred Darwinite. She is the Chair of Department in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney and author of books 'Darwin' and 'Bureaucrats & Bleeding Hearts'. She has worked as a senior bureaucrat in the Northern Territory Departments of Health and Education, and operated as a ministerial advisor. She is pursuing the question: 'Can there be good policy? Tracing the paths between policy intent, evidence and practical benefit in regional and remote Australia.'

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Time: 12.00 - 1.00pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 01 Peter Nicol Russell building (J02) The University of Sydney, Darlington

Cost: Free

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