Hear alternate voices and be heard on harbour renewal

Community members are encouraged to join local and international urban planning experts to examine the future redevelopment of the Sydney Harbour foreshore, covering Glebe Island, White Bay, Rozelle Bay, Blackwattle Bay and the Sydney Fish Market. The Future of the Bays Precinct talk, on 5 November at Lower Town Hall, will give Sydneysiders the opportunity to learn about this major urban renewal project with an opportunity for them to have their say at a public meeting on 16 November.

The keynote speaker is Professor Stephen Cairns, an architect, urban planner and scientific director of the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore – a world-leading research centre focussed on sustainable urban development – who will discuss the principles behind ‘open city’ design. Professor Cairns will outline the planning and delivery of HafenCity in Germany, one of Europe’s largest urban rebuilding projects, which saw old port warehouses replaced with residential areas, offices and shops, and how it could apply to the Bays Precinct project.

The talk is presented by the City of Sydney in partnership with the University of Sydney, as part of its Festival of Urbanism, which runs until 6 November. Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the NSW Government project, covering 80 hectares of key foreshore land, provides a unique opportunity to meet Sydney’s future infrastructure, housing and open space needs, and residents and community groups should provide input.

The City of Sydney will be working with UrbanGrowth and the NSW Government to find the best outcomes for the future of this site,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The community has expressed concern they may not be given a meaningful opportunity to have their say on the project, and this forum will give them the opportunity to do so at a community meeting to follow. We believe that public interest is paramount, so the City will ensure proper process are followed, that decisions are open and transparent, and that planning and design excellence are at the fore of this project. Public access and mobility are key issues, and the renewal of the precinct should maintain and extend public access to the whole of waterfront. The City believes there should be a diverse mix of social and affordable housing and an integrated public transport strategy.The bulk, scale and location of future buildings need to conserve views and be compatible with surrounding neighbourhoods.”

Professor Cairns will be joined by a panel of local urban planning experts and community representatives who will discuss how the HafenCity model could apply to the Bays Precinct project.

The panel will include Westpac’s Head of Group Sustainability and Community, Siobhan Toohill, University of Sydney’s Director of Urbanism Associate Professor Rod Simpson, along with community representatives Professor Jane Marceau and Lucy Cole-Edelstein from community engagement firm Straight Talk.

Professor Cairns' talk and community meeting are being held ahead of The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit, hosted by the NSW Government on 19-20 November.

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