Three ways to fix the problems caused by rezoning inner-city industrial land for mixed-use apartments

Dr Carl Grodach, Director of Urban Planning Design at Monash University and curator of the Melbourne chapter of this year’s Festival of Urbanism has published an article in The Conversation on the impacts of rezoning on planning and housing.

Since 2000, planning authorities in Australia have overseen a massive rezoning of inner-city industrial land to make way for mixed-use residential development. They claim central industrial space is obsolete in a post-industrial economy driven by knowledge, finance, and real estate. And rezoning offers opportunities to house people near jobs and services, thereby slowing urban sprawl.

While industrial rezonings have contributed to the densification of Australian cities, they also open the door to real estate speculation and accelerate gentrification. This has forced many people to move outward in search of affordable shelter.

Can urban policy make room for manufacturing and create real diversity and a mix of employment opportunities in our cities? Read more

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