The Festival of Urbanism

1-12 August 2016


Launch event : 31 July

Cities are more than their physical and spatial form, they are also patterns of living.

By looking deeper into the historical, political and economic forces that make up urban life, we create opportunities to ask questions and improve our knowledge to inform good planning. 

 Join us for a series of talks in conversation with researchers, industry professionals and community leaders, who are challenging practice and creating new approaches to maximise the public interest and benefits. 


Change your view of the city.


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Why? "urbanism"

‘Urbanism’ is a useful term because it encompasses both the study and planning of cities as well as the condition of living in cities.

In this way the term ‘urbanism’ embeds the connection between the ‘planner’ or ‘designer’ and the city and people that are being planned for; it recalls the often quoted line from Coriolanus: ‘what is the city but the people?’.

If it is accepted that the human condition is inextricably and necessarily social, then the primary location of that sociability is the city. Read more

Associate Professor Rod Simpson. The University of Sydney. 

148 City Rd
Darlington NSW 2006

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4-13 September 2018 Brought to you by the Henry Halloran Trust
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