The Festival of Urbanism

1-12 August 2016

City Limits. 

A series of talks and conversations on planning and making our cities. 

Sydney is a global city undergoing rapid development.

Densities, transport infrastructure and green spaces are now pushed to the limit.

What impact can intelligent planning and new technologies have to transform rapid urban growth into improved quality of life for city residents? 

The festival provides a platform for a range of views, academic reflection and critique, international expertise and experience and community discussion to challenge practice and define approaches that maximise the public interest and benefit.

Let us change your view of the city. 

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Why? "urbanism"

‘Urbanism’ is a useful term because it encompasses both the study and planning of cities as well as the condition of living in cities.

In this way the term ‘urbanism’ embeds the connection between the ‘planner’ or ‘designer’ and the city and people that are being planned for; it recalls the often quoted line from Coriolanus: ‘what is the city but the people?’.

If it is accepted that the human condition is inextricably and necessarily social, then the primary location of that sociability is the city. Read more

Associate Professor Rod Simpson. The University of Sydney. 

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The Festival
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1 – 12 August 2017Brought to you by Henry Halloran Trust
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